Tea Witch is a short text "adventure" game made in Adventuron that is currently in development!

The version here is a draft and there will be updates in the future- consider this an alpha. More narrative text needs to be added, but it is somewhat workable. It might be a little broken right now and I need to add better tutorials but hope to finish development soon. Will be adding commands to the bottom of this page to make it better. 


The world is rather small. There is not much farther to go than your kitchen, the greenhouse, and the moors. The only objective: make and brew tea, whether for your tea rituals, to drink as is, or to give as gifts. 

From a gift giving perspective, there are over 60 gifts and a wide variety of teas to make and brew, whether from what's in your kitchen, in the greenhouse, or out on the moors. It's probably in the same moor-adjacent universe as Poor Branwelland shares its name and sense of experimentation  with my twitter bot

Thanks and have fun!


Quick Text Command Guide:

To Get Ingredients for tea: 

(You can find them in the Greenhouse, the Moors. Though, you might have ready made tea in your house!)

EXAMINE ______________ (You look at the item and take some of it with you)

* You can also examine people or animals, but you don't necessarily get something!

TAKE ____________ (Removes the item because you pick up the whole thing) 

To make ingredients into tea: (Need to be in shed)

PUT _____________ IN CAULDRON 

*garlic can also be put in cauldron to make roasted garlic 

To brew tea: (Need to be in Kitchen and need tea version of ingredient)

BREW ___________


MAKE _____________

To drink tea: (Need to Have Brewed tea) 

DRINK ____________________

To Perform tea Ritual: (Need to have brewed tea and be in shed)

PERFORM RITUAL WITH _________________

To gift item to Marianne: (Can gift her pretty much anything and need to be on Moors with her)


To gift item to Albert and End the game (Can gift him pretty much anything and need to be in shed with him): 

GIVE ___________ TO ALBERT

More Coming soon!

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