There's so much tea in the world, how do you pick the right cup for you? 

This quiz! 

It's my first FlickGame and while this would have been waaaaay easier with Twine, I'm glad I did it and I I love it. 

(Make sure to click the A, B, C, D bubbles once you're in the quiz rather than the images because it may skew your results

Based a little bit on tea/kitchen witch stuff and a little on actual benefits of the tea. If you like this, you can get a more randomized approach with my tea bot on twitter

Resources:  I used this tool to look up meanings for ingredients and you can too! 

Wanna know more about the tea you got at the end of the quiz? Here's a little more detail:

  • You Got Rose Tea w/ Honey + Lemon- Mild and beautiful, it is a mild, clear way to bring you back to where you need to be.
    • Rosebuds for healing and protection
    • Honey for binding and stability
    • Lemon for purification and love
  • You Got Black Tea w/ Cinnamon + Orange Peel- a delicious and spicy way to feel re-invigorated, clear, and ready to tackle anything.
    • Black Tea for strength and courage
    • Cinnamon for prosperity and protection
    • Orange Peel for fortune, love, and wealth
  • You Got Chamomile + Lily Tea- a combination of mild floral tastes to relax you and allow you to reset
    • Chamomile for calmness and clarity
    • Lily for re-newal and protection
  • You Got Earl Grey with Sugar and Cream- a comforting classic that is sure to bring you to a better state of being
    • Earl Grey for luck, protection, and removing negativity
    • Sugar for sweetness
    • Cream for comfort  
  • You got Pu Erh Tea- a traditional, medicinal tea that is mind clearing and empowering
    • Pu Erh for age, strength, and stability
  • You got Rooibos Tea with Honey- an earthy and sweet combination, it is uncaffienated and the perfect way to gain clarity without jitters
    • Rooibos for passion, love, and inspiration
    • Honey for binding and stability
  • You got Ginger Turmeric Tea- a cup of sunshine, that not only settles your stomach, but fills with you a fire-y resolve.
    • Ginger for fire, rebirth, and clarity
    • Turmeric for purification
  • You got White Tea with Lavender- mild and soft, the perfect way to calm down and dial back
    • White Tea for purification, protection, and luck
    • Lavender for happiness, love, and peace
  • You Got Blooming Jasmine Flower Tea- It not only looks beautiful but tastes lovely, the floral tastes of jasmine and amaranth bringing you to a fuller peace.
    • Jasmine for love and wealth
    • Amaranth for healing and protection
  • You Got Matcha with Honey- a relaxing slow burn caffeine tea to fill you with the resolve and comfort you need
    • Matcha for energy, comfort, and clarity
    • Honey for binding and stability

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I mean, it got it right, so 10/10.

Glad you liked it!

I love it!!

Thanks for the love!


Oh this is really cool! I love the visual style and I really love tea.